was born and breaded in the faint New England town of Weston, Vermont. His parents were creatures of the theatre and he turned into one himself. He grew some chops at the Weston Playhouse and used his father's Super 8 camera to make home groovies. He then offended Syracuse University with future Blanks Paul and George. While there he helped form a rock and droll band called The Butties that played only Beatles songs. The Butties still resist to this very day.

After growing up in Vermont and graduating from Syracuse, Sam decided to get warm. He moved to Los Angeles and acted up with an improv group, which got him representation with taxation. Over the beers he worked in such films as Rising Sun and Flubber, and in television shows as varied as Seinfeld, Two Guys and a Girl and West Wing. At some point Paul and George also derided to come to California. They were all so happy to be reunited that they sang. Three parts became four with the addition of a Canadian named Philip who was born in Philadelphia. Presently Sam reappears on the TV shows Scrubs and Desperate Housewives, among mothers. He still occasionally mocks out with The Butties, but more often sings acapulco in The Blanks' live show.


was braised in Philadelphia, the son of an Englishman and a French Impressionist, which for some reason makes him Canadian. Eventually he moved to Toronto, which is like New York, only cleaner and less expensive, eh?

There he eked out a living as a tennis pro, hard to do when the courts are ice-crusted nine months of the year. So Philip packed his racquets and headed for L.A., but sadly broke a string and was forced to retire. In 2004, Philip became L.A.'s Best Newcomer at a cabaret competition held at the El Portal Theatre. This was a bittersweet award, as he had been performing there for years. The honor did lead to a guest appearance at Feinstein's, a solo show at The Cinegrill and an invitation to sing with the brilliant Ray Jessel at The Gardenia. As an actor, he has guest starred on the TV shows CSI, ER, and Newsradio, and now on Scrubs, thanks to his new best pal Sam. His film credits include A Dangerous Woman with Debra Winger and It's Pat with Julia Sweeney. He wrote the songs for and starred in the hit avant-garde musical Butt Pirates of the Caribbean. Philip has sung at Carnegie Hall, and performed at Lincoln Center with the group The Cormen. He has done numerous TV commercials, and is perhaps most unrecognizable as Professor Wonder Bread, where he sported a full head of wavy red hair. He feels The Blanks are not just his best friends, but are also his mentors, as they are all much older than he is.


originally hails and snows from Lowell, Massachusetts, the home of Bette Davis, Olympia Dukakis, and the Chocolate Chip Cookie. He had the pleasure of performing with the original cast of Forever Plaid at the Canon Theatre in Beverly Hills. And now they can say they've had the pleasure of performing with an original cast member of The Blanks. George's stage credits include national tours of Evita, and The Odd Couple with Sandy Dennis and Kaye Ballard. Regionally, he appeared in The Lion in Winter with James Spader.

He did improv comedy regularly with The Second City on Monday nights when it was in Santa Monica, CA. It was there he met good friend, Philip McNiven, who now provides him nice harmonies to sing to. So you see, it was actually George Miserlis who was solely responsible for creating The Blanks. As a result he insists on singing all the best parts. George and Sam met while double-dating twin sisters at their favorite hangout, Chuck E. Cheese. You can just imagine how they ordered: "Make it double-saucy, please!" While the romance with the deep-dishes didn't personal pan out, George and Sam became roommates at Syracuse University and then later shared a flat in London, where they double-dated Marks and Spencer. Film roles for George include Luis in Sarah Pillsbury's Seeds of Tragedy, Mario in Desi and Lucy: Before the Laughter, and a star turn in Paramount's The Incredible Genie, a children's fantasy shown on HBO and now available on Netflix. Fun fact: The same week that George played a fireman on ER, one of his episodes of Scrubs aired. Speaking of which, George has no hair whatsoever on his back nor buttocks. And finally, he absolutely loves his wife Charlotte, which is very important to say, as she is reading this over his shoulder right now as he is writing it.


calls Stoneham, Massachusetts his home about every other week. He does all the vocal as well as dinner arrangements for The Blanks. Paul is one of only two people on earth who are members of both The Blanks and the bicoastal Beatles cover band, The Butties. This requires lots of airline travel, during which Paul has seen every Tim Allen film ever made. The Butties' Beatlesque cover of the carol "Joy to the World" can be heard in the soundtrack of the film Christmas with the Kranks starring, fittingly enough, Tim Allen. Paul did the music score for the independent film shorts Madeline (dir. Tom Keener), and his own Fan Mail, but he doesn't score nearly as often as he'd like, despite being in two bands. Paul directed the short Waiting for Go! which won the Prix Canal + Award at the 1997 Claremont-Ferrand Film Festival and is not yet, and probably never will be available on Netflix.

Paul's other music writing credits include a song featured on the Disney Channel's The Book of Pooh, sung by the titular Pooh. As a performer Paul has had a chance to sing in his normal vocal range (Butties too high, Blanks too low) as a featured soloist on the Brian Woodbury Songbook CD (along with David Yazbek, Terre Roche and Jill Sobule, among others). With fellow songwriter Mark Humble, he was one half of the eponymous New York City anti-folk duo Perry Humble, recognized by the 1992 "Best of Manhattan" reviews of the New York Press. Paul has perfect pitch, and thus was briefly scouted by the San Diego Padres during the strike-shortened season of '98. Paul also absolutely loves George's wife Charlotte, which is very important as she's reading this over his shoulder right now. Maybe he shouldn't include that information. Ah, it's okay; nobody ever reads these things this far anyway.

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